Kano Computer Kit: Building Young Minds, One Code at a Time

Kano Computer Kit



In today’s technology-driven world, the ability to understand and manipulate computers is a crucial skill. However, teaching children about computers and coding can be a daunting task. Enter the Kano Computer Kit, a revolutionary tool designed to make coding and computer literacy accessible and engaging for kids. In this article, we will explore the world of the Kano Computer Kit, its unique features, and the impact it is having on the way children learn about technology.

The Birth of the Kano Computer Kit

Kano, the company behind the Kano Computer Kit, was founded in 2013 with a mission to empower people of all ages to create with technology. The company’s first product, the Kano Computer Kit, was introduced as a Kickstarter project and quickly gained attention for its innovative approach to teaching coding and computer skills.

A Hands-On Learning Experience

The Kano Computer Kit is designed to provide a hands-on learning experience for children aged 6 and older. It comes with a set of components that can be assembled to create a fully functional computer. The kit includes a Raspberry Pi, a wireless keyboard with a built-in touchpad, various cables, a speaker, and a custom case to hold everything together.

The Assembly Process

One of the most significant aspects of the Kano Computer Kit is that children build their computer from scratch. The assembly process is straightforward and well-documented, with step-by-step instructions provided through a colorful and interactive storybook. This storybook approach turns the assembly process into an adventure, making it engaging and enjoyable for kids.

Through assembling the computer themselves, children gain a deeper understanding of the components that make up a computer, including the central processing unit (CPU), memory, and input/output devices. This hands-on experience demystifies technology and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

Coding with Kano

Once the computer is assembled, the real learning begins. The Kano Computer Kit uses a custom operating system called Kano OS, which is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive for beginners. The kit comes with a selection of coding challenges and projects that gradually introduce children to the world of programming.

Make Art: In this coding challenge, children learn the basics of coding by creating visual art using simple code blocks. They can draw shapes, change colors, and explore the principles of computational thinking.

Make Music: This project teaches kids how to compose music by coding musical patterns and melodies. It introduces concepts like loops and variables in a fun and creative way.

Make Games: Making games is one of the most exciting aspects of the Kano Computer Kit. Children can create their games, from simple animations to more complex interactive games, using code. This project introduces logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Make Apps: The kit also provides the opportunity to create simple applications, allowing children to see how coding can be applied to real-world scenarios.

Coding Challenges: Kano offers a wide range of coding challenges that progressively increase in complexity, ensuring that children can continue to expand their coding skills at their own pace.

The Kano World Community

One of the unique features of the Kano Computer Kit is its online community platform called Kano World. Here, children can share their creations, explore projects made by others, and collaborate with fellow young coders from around the world. Kano World fosters a sense of community and allows children to showcase their coding achievements, providing motivation and inspiration.

Educational Benefits of the Kano Computer Kit

The Kano Computer Kit offers numerous educational benefits that extend beyond coding and computer assembly:

Critical Thinking: Coding requires logical thinking and problem-solving. Children learn how to break down problems into smaller, manageable parts and use code to solve them.

Creativity: Through coding, children can express their creativity by designing games, art, and music. They can bring their imaginative ideas to life using code.

Digital Literacy: Assembling a computer and learning to code give children a foundational understanding of technology and how it works. These skills are essential in today’s digital age.

Independence: The Kano Computer Kit empowers children to learn independently. They can explore coding concepts and projects at their own pace, building confidence and self-reliance.

Collaboration: Kano World encourages collaboration and teamwork. Children can work on projects together, share their knowledge, and learn from one another.


The Kano Computer Kit is more than just a product; it’s an educational movement that is transforming the way children learn about technology. By combining hands-on assembly with engaging coding projects and a supportive online community, Kano has created a holistic learning experience that empowers young minds and sparks a lifelong love for technology and creativity.

As technology continues to advance, the Kano Computer Kit stands as a shining example of how technology can be harnessed to inspire the next generation of innovators, problem-solvers, and creators. It is not merely a tool; it is a gateway to a world of possibilities, where children can turn their ideas into reality and develop the skills they need to thrive in an increasingly digital world. With the Kano Computer Kit, the future of education is bright, interactive, and full of endless opportunities.

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