Faisal Movers Contact Number: Connecting Passengers Nationwide


In the realm of intercity travel and transportation in Pakistan, Faisal Movers stands as a prominent and reliable name. With an extensive network of terminals and a commitment to passenger comfort, Faisal Movers has become a preferred choice for countless travelers. One of the key factors that has contributed to the company’s success is its easily accessible contact numbers across various cities, allowing passengers to conveniently book their journeys and address their inquiries.

With a fleet of modern buses and a mission to provide safe and comfortable travel experiences, Faisal Movers has expanded its reach to numerous cities across Pakistan. Whether you’re planning a journey from Lahore to Karachi, Rawalpindi to Multan, or any other route within their network, Faisal Movers’ efficient services have made long-distance travel more convenient and enjoyable for passengers.

To cater to the diverse needs of passengers, Faisal Movers has established an extensive network of terminals and pick-up/drop-off points across major cities and towns. This network ensures that passengers from different locations can easily access their services without hassle. The provision of accurate and easily accessible contact numbers plays a vital role in enabling this seamless connectivity.

Contact Numbers for Different Terminals:

In Lahore, Faisal Movers operates from several terminals strategically located to cover various parts of the city. The Abdullah Terminal on Band Road, City Terminal near Chowk Yateem Khana, and Thokar Terminal near Thokar Niaz Baig are some of the key pickup points in Lahore. Passengers can make inquiries and bookings by dialing the Universal Access Number (UAN): 042-111-22-44-88 or the mobile number: 03111224488.

Moving towards Rawalpindi and Islamabad, passengers have access to the Pir Wadhai Terminal and Faizabad Terminal, both equipped to handle a high volume of travelers. These terminals can be reached at UAN: 051-111-22-44-88 or MOB: 03111224488.

Karachi, being another major hub, boasts the Karachi Cantt and Sohrab Goth terminals, providing travelers with easy access to Faisal Movers’ services in the city. The contact numbers for these terminals are UAN: 021-111-22-44-88 and MOB: 03111224488.

Beyond Major Cities:

Faisal Movers has also made an effort to extend its reach to smaller towns and cities, ensuring that passengers from various regions can benefit from their services. Terminals in Peshawar, Multan, Swat, Sukkur, and more have been established with the aim of connecting different parts of the country.

The company’s focus on accessibility is further evident with terminals in cities like Sargodha, Sahiwal, Bahawalpur, and others. Passengers in these areas can reach out at the designated contact numbers to inquire about schedules, routes, and ticket bookings.

Advantages of Accessible Contact Numbers:

The availability of easily accessible contact numbers brings several advantages to passengers and the company alike. Passengers can get accurate and up-to-date information about routes, schedules, ticket prices, and other travel-related queries. This not only saves time but also ensures that passengers have a smooth and hassle-free experience from the moment they decide to travel.

For Faisal Movers, these contact numbers act as a direct link to their customers. They can receive feedback, address concerns, and provide assistance, thereby improving the overall quality of their services. The transparent communication channel built through these contact numbers fosters trust and reliability between the company and its passengers.


In a country as diverse and vast as Pakistan, accessible and reliable transportation options are of paramount importance. Faisal Movers has not only recognized this need but has gone the extra mile to establish a well-connected network of terminals and contact numbers. By doing so, they have not only streamlined their operations but have also enhanced the travel experience for countless passengers.

Whether you’re planning a journey for business or leisure, Faisal Movers’ contact numbers stand as a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction. With their extensive network and dedication to quality service, Faisal Movers continues to be a driving force in Pakistan’s intercity transportation sector.

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