Successful Drug Bust in Nowshera | Police Foil Attempted Smuggling Operation

Successful Drug Bust in Nowshera | Police Foil Attempted Smuggling Operation

Nowshera’s Rasalpur police have successfully thwarted a major drug smuggling attempt worth crores of rupees, destined for Punjab. Acting on reliable intelligence, the police, under the leadership of District Police Officer Nasir Mehmood, apprehended two drug dealers and recovered a significant quantity of narcotics concealed within a chicken cage on a Suzuki vehicle.

Nowshera, Pakistan – In a commendable display of law enforcement vigilance and dedication, the Rasalpur police force in Nowshera has effectively disrupted a significant drug smuggling operation. The timely intervention led to the arrest of two individuals and the seizure of a substantial quantity of illicit substances. This successful operation was conducted under the special orders of District Police Officer Nasir Mehmood, who has been actively leading the charge against drug dealers and smugglers in the region.

On receiving credible information from reliable sources, Ashfaq Khan, the Station House Officer (SHO) of Risalpur, promptly formed multiple teams to foil the anticipated drug trafficking attempt and apprehend the culprits involved. The teams meticulously executed their operation, resulting in the interception of a suspicious Suzuki vehicle with license plate number 9949/SLG near the Rishkai Interchange. The vehicle was promptly searched, leading to the discovery of a considerable amount of illicit drugs.

A total of 30 kilograms of opium and 50 kilograms of hashish were found cleverly hidden within the cage of chickens transported on the Suzuki. The accused, identified as Saifullah, son of Yusuf and a resident of Khyber Agency, and Mahmood, son of Chinar Gul and a resident of Peshawar, were immediately taken into custody by Ashfaq Khan and his team. They were subsequently transferred to the local police station, where a case has been registered against them.

The investigation into this case is ongoing, and the police are diligently pursuing all leads to uncover the entire network involved in this illicit drug trade. District Police Officer Nasir Mehmood expressed his appreciation for the exceptional performance and dedication of the police team involved in the successful operation. He emphasized that the fight against drug dealers, who ruin the lives of the younger generation, will continue unabated.

In a message to the public, DPO Nasir Mehmood reaffirmed his commitment to eradicating drug trafficking in the region. He stressed that these actions are necessary to safeguard society from the pernicious effects of narcotics, which destroy lives and disrupt communities. Mehmood urged the public to remain vigilant and assist law enforcement agencies by sharing any information that could help in curbing drug-related crimes.

The successful operation in Nowshera serves as a powerful deterrent to those involved in the drug trade, sending a clear message that the police force is determined to uproot this menace from society. The recovery of such a substantial quantity of illicit substances demonstrates the effectiveness of intelligence-led operations and the dedication of law enforcement officials in their pursuit of justice.

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