Sahiwal Municipal Corporation failed to remove mafia encroachment

Sahiwal Municipal Corporation failed to remove mafia encroachment and clean up the city. Chief Senri Inspector Dr. Riaz limited his actions only to photo sessions. And Clean’s claims have been limited to just words. Every area of the city is not only in disrepair, but at every square and intersection of the neighborhood streets and markets, piles of dirt and garbage have become an adornment of the city, and the stinks boiling from the sewers. Hundreds of people are suffering from deadly diseases like asthma, cancer, TB, malaria and dengue due to toxic waste water and are dying. Due to the lack of a cover, the precious lives of the children of the public are in danger and the sanitation situation is that the staff of the Municipal Corporation does not clean the city for several weeks and the Chief Sanitary Inspector Dr. Riaz has imposed on the city for twenty years, who only Along with a few staff members, on the pile of garbage and rubbish, I have shown the report of all the good things on the government groups and social media, and are giving the government millions of rupees per month for the purpose of pouring petrol for the government vehicles. As the urban area has become a center of deadly diseases, only certain politicians and certain relatives are the center of attention. The said sentry workers are receiving lakhs of rupees monthly salary from the government treasury and on the other hand, they are also receiving huge amount of money from the teaching hospital to help the sentry workers, while the sentry workers are given half of the salary, on this the citizen’s socio-political and journalistic opinion. In the community, apart from Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner are demanding Director Anti-Corruption Sahiwal that the incompetent Chief Secretary Inspector Dr. The corrupt Chief Secretary Inspector should be immediately investigated and action should be taken according to the rules. Other than that, an honest officer should be appointed to ensure the cleanliness of the city and save the deadly diseases caused by dirt and promote the slogan of Punjab Green and Clean.

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